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3 Tips to Immediately Help Your Florida Little League or Travel Ball Baseball Player Improve

1. Be the Source of Encouragement for Your Kid

Baseball is HARD. The game will knock your kid’s self esteem down due to the difficulty of the sport. Your kid already has pressure from their coaches, the stress of making plays in game situations, and the other team/parents rooting and yelling against him/her. Your child needs you to be his/her biggest fan and not a critic. While in the stands, cheer for him/her. Don’t add stress and confusion by yelling instructions from the stands. After the game, leave anything that doesn’t lift your child up at the field; don’t bring it in the car or your home. If your child expresses displeasure, simply say you’re proud of him/her, you love him/her, and he/she will be out on the field again soon.

2. Equipment That Fits

You would be surprised how often we see youth baseball players in Florida who are not able to completely open or close their glove. Ever cut food with a dull knife, or cook with a pan that is stickier than superglue? Not fun. Being able to open a glove is just as important as being able to close it. Often, we also see gloves that are WAY to soft or flimsy. Ask your child to open and close his/her glove. How easy can he/she do it? Can you easily open and close it all the way? Remember you are much stronger than your child. Inspect the glove—is it overly soft and flimsy? A glove should be firm in the fingers, but easy to open and close. Also make sure your child has a bat that is a proper length and weight based on his/her personal needs. Some bats are more “top heavy” than others. One ounce or inch can make a huge difference.

3. Get Your Child Proper Repetitions

Take your child out in the back yard, or the the local park and do this three times per week: hit or roll him/her 30-50 ground balls and also take 30-50 swings off of a tee or do soft toss. The more, the better. There is not a tougher thing to do [well] in sports than hit a moving round ball with a moving round bat. It’s also very difficult to throw the ball exactly where you want it. Both skills require timing, feel and being in a proper position. Both can seem nearly impossible to do well if your child isn’t getting enough proper repetitions. Don’t underestimate the power of a tee and soft toss to help your kid’s hitting abilities. Throwing batting practice in the cage is not the best way to nail a fundamentally proper swing. Add these extra reps and you will see a happier, more successful child.

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